Here are some pictures that we took in Canada, as well as some links from the Corporate Recognition Event to pictures of just Norma and I. There are two pages worth of pictures. Enjoy!!


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This is a picture of the Fairmont Banff Springs Resort, better known as the Banff Castle.

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It is an awesome hotel, and I don't know who we paid off, but we had a room at the very top of one of the towers... very sweet!!

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The wind was coming off this waterfall at easily 50-60mph... I think it almost blew the old lady over...

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This was great... Here is this HUGE elk, and of course all the stupid tourists had their kids out there trying to get near the wild animal with massive antlers to hang kids from...

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I don't know what these things are, but they were all over...

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Norma with her hair pulled back.

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I don't recall this one's name  for sure, but it sure is beautiful...

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In the background you can see the run off from the glacier that feeds this lake. Keep in mind, it was July!!

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Beautiful background... beautiful foreground...

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Trying to look all tough...

Another shot of the waterfall. It is fed by a huge glacier that is a few hundred yards (so we were told) from the edge of the cliff.

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This is why Wes always wears his cool shades. Squint Norma, squint. :-)