In July of 2002 BMC Software, Inc. (the company I work for) somehow got it in it's mind that I was a good employee (the kickbacks worked <g>) and decided that I qualified for the annual corporate recognition event that was being held that year in Banff, Alberta Canada. It was actually pretty cool, as I think this year I have managed to piss off all of my management, so they won't be sending me again... no one ever said QA work made people happy <eg>. For me there were a number of benefits to the trip:

  1. I got a very needed vacation with the wife including a few beautiful days in Calgary (though we missed Stampede... although I guess I have seen enough rodeo's in my time, so I don't feel like I missed much)

  2. I got to see Rob Valentine and check out his shop and my armour

  3. I got to see what may be the most beautiful land my eyes have ever seen... outside of Texas of course!!

  4. I got to stay in a castle!!! Seriously, the Banff Springs Resort is the most impressive hotel I have ever laid eyes on. I could stay there forever.

  5. BMC paid for it all!!! Whoohooo!!! Or at least, they paid for it till the government taxes my ass for it... vote Republican ;-)

They gave us a CD of all the pictures that the corporate photographer took (in web site format of course, we are a software company after all) so I decided to link to the pictures off my website, as well as to make a page of just the pictures that Norma and I were in for those who just want to check out the sexy couple <g>.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. I will say this, as nice as all of the pictures are, they do not do justice to the actual sights and sounds that Banff has to offer. The Canadian Rockies are truly a spectacular sight. I still remember flying back to Houston after seeing the beautiful blue and brilliant green waters up there, looking down and seeing the ruddy brown that is Lake Houston and telling Norma "yep, we are home again". If you ever, and I mean ever, get a chance to get up there I highly encourage you to. It is truly one bad ass piece of real estate that the good Lord managed to put together up there. Without further ado, here are the pictures:

Norma and Wes in Canada (includes some pictures in Calgary, etc.)

Corporate Recognition event pictures (will open in new browser)