After I was laid off from BMC Software, Inc. I stumbled into a classic "right time, right place" opportunity to write a book. I had previously written a chapter in a CISSP study guide for Roberta Bragg and she asked me if I was interested in writing a book on how to harden a network. Seeing as how I wasn't working, I jumped on board and from November till March I worked almost full time on completing my book entitled Hardening Network Infrastructure.

This book is one of my crowning achievements professionally. It took far more effort than I ever envisioned it would, but I am so proud of it. It managed to debut at Networld+Interop as the #1 security book for the show, the last book having done that being Hacking Exposed. Now, I have no illusions to think that right now I can compare to that great book, but it's nice to be mentioned in the same light. The book has also opened up some great opportunities for me. I received my job at Collective Technologies in no small part due to the fact that I was published. I will also be doing a book signing at Black Hat this year as well as putting on a presentation at TechMentor with Roberta in the fall.

So what is the book about? Well, it is a relatively low level look at what you can do to secure a network's infrastructure. This book focuses on routers, switches, firewalls, IDS, IPS, VPN, wireless, etc. You know, infrastructure <g>. What it does not cover is servers, but that is OK as Roberta wrote the Hardening Windows Systems book and there is a Hardening Linux book being written right now. The book is not written for the entry level person, however if you have been managing a network and you are looking for explicit directions of what to do - not vague references or high level recommendations - then this book is for you. I basically wrote it in the first person as if you had hired me to come out and help you secure your network. It always annoyed me to no end that so many books don't give explicit recommendations, and I didn't want to write another one of those books. The book is full of examples where I say "do this now" and then proceed to give you the exact commands/configuration to perform.

So, where can you get it? Any book store should be able to get you a copy and you can get it at any of the online bookstores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Bookpool (Bookpool usually has the best price, but they sell out frequently).

Now, if you have managed to read this far, I have a treat for you. In the book I detail a couple of scripts I have written to automate IOS updates and things of that nature. Unfortunately, they are in text only and only a masochist would retype them. If you would like a copy though, email (wnoonan[at] or IM me (see the main page of this site) with the chapter they are in (gotta make sure you bought a copy of the book, you know!!) and I will send them to you electronically so that you can use/modify them as you see fit.