Ever since I was 12 years old I have wanted a Corvette. The first Corvette I wanted was a 1963 Corvette. Then I discovered the glory of the big-blocks and fell in love with the 1967 427-435 monsters. I wanted, and still want, a black with red stinger '67... Next, I started digging on the 68-72 'vettes... side pipes, chrome bumpers... and a '69 big-block. While all this was going on, my step-dad managed to get his hands on a 1977 Corvette. I got to drive it some when we lived in Germany, which was awesome. I will never forget him sitting next to me saying "you know, it will go a little faster than that". Over time he got more Corvettes. First was a 1965. I don't think it was ever "fixed", but it was pretty damned sweet regardless. When he would start it in the garage it would knock pictures off the walls. Next he got a 1978 Silver Anniversary for my Mom. When she passed away he sold all the cars and got a 1994 Corvette. To this day I think that car helped him get through those times.


Time went by and I found that the deadlines I had set for myself kept passing by... first was 18... then 21... then I swore I would have one by the time I was 25... but I met Norma and other priorities took over. We settled down, bought a house, got married and I still didn't have my car. The C5's had come out by then, and I fell in love with them instantly. I never wanted anything newer than a 72 till the C5's came out. In the midst of it all though, I still didn't have my car. Hell, even my younger brother had managed to get into a 96 and then a 98... and I still went without.


In November of 2002 I finally paid off the wedding ring. The truck was long paid off, the house was refinanced and we were doing good. Now the sensible thing would have been to take that extra money and pay off some debt. Get ahead. But here I was... 30... way past any deadline I had set... and I was finally in the position to do something about it. So I went out, found a 2003 Electron Blue Metallic Z06 and bought it. Now, when things get me down... I grab Norma (unless she pissed me off <g>) hop in the 'vette, and go for a cruise.

No regrets. I earned it.        

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