7/27/03 - Well, I finally have it all done. I took it to Otto's in The Fountains on Saturday night (the night I picked it up) and turned some heads with it. That was even without any sound or neon on. That's exactly the reaction I was wanting.


The amp rack is fiberglass over a wood frame. It is custom molded to match the curves and contours of the wheel well. It was painted and clear coated to match the same color as the vette, electron blue metallic. The amps sit on clear plexiglass over black plexiglass that is lit by blue neon.


The trunk was separated into two sections that are connected under the sub enclosure so that it looks like a single piece (the sub enclosure covers the seam). The base was painted black and covered with black vinyl. Angles were formed out of putty stuff (my term) to give the system smooth edges and allow the cubby covers, etc to have a gradual slope that they snap into. The cubby covers were covered in speaker cloth to give a different texture than the vinyl.


The bridges were done in wood and more of that putty and painted electron blue to match the car. They connect to the amp rack and the base, but can be removed by giving them a careful pull. This was a requirement in the event that I needed to put stuff in the trunk.


The sub enclosure, or at least what I call the sub enclosure, was done in wood and putty like the bridges. It is largely a decorative piece, though it contains the grill that covers the actual sub. Neon is mounted underneath it on either side which lights up the sub.


So, how does it sound? Absolutely stunning. I don't think I could have done much better than the equipment that I used. Everything meshes so well with each other. Nothing over powers anything else. All of the components complement each other - which is what a good system should do.


I would be remiss if I didn't mention one more time the folks who worked on all this for me. If you are in the Houston area, don't waste your time going anywhere else. Go to the Tweeter location at 59 and Sweetwater in Sugarland. The number is 281-277-7722. Ask for Joe or Ali. They are both good, honest sales guys and damned knowledgeable to boot. The install was handled by Gil and John. To say these guys are installers does not do them justice. They are artists, and they made a work of art out of amps, wood, plexiglass and fiberglass in my car. It is just stunning.

Picture of amps from drivers seat

Another shot from the drivers seat

Here is a shot without the flash to show the neon

Another shot with neon

And yet another shot.

This shot was taken in the dark

Here is another one. Notice the sub neon

Another shot into the trunk

Final amp shot

Here is a shot of the gill neon with a flash

Here is another shot

Here is another shot from directly beside the vette

Another shot

Here is a shot without the flash. The colors bleed some, but it looks cool

Another shot.

Here is a shot at dusk so that you can see the vette better

Here is another shot

And another

This is a shot down the passenger side. You can just make out the neon in the gill

Final gill shot.

Here is a shot of the amp rack and sub from the trunk.

Another shot.

Here is a good pic of the Z06 logo taken without a flash. Notice the neon lighting the amps up

Another shot of the logo. I like the way it is set in the black plexiglass.

Here is a shot of the logo taken with a flash

I like this series of pictures of the sub lit by neon

Here is a shot of the sub enclosure.

A shot of the right side of the custom work in the trunk.

I even have space for the car cover. :-)

This is a good shot right down the middle. Notice the bridges

This is a good shot without a flash. I like how the sub glows.

I like all of this row of pics as well.

Here is a good shot of the trunk from the side.

I want to get the stock trunk lights in a different color.

A really good shot of the sub enclosure

This shot really shows off everything in the trunk.

Here is a similar shot without the neon on.

Here is a good shot of the right side of the trunk and the bridge.

This is a good shot of the right side showing the cubby cover.

And here is the cubby. I have since moved the antenna to the rear fascia

I've run out of stuff to say. More pics below.