After my kill I got to join Ray as the camp bitch. That basically consisted of cooking breakfast and dinner, though it meant I didn't have to go walking all over hell and tarnation anymore, so I was kind of happy about it.

I did get a chance to walk around Dwaine's property though and snap a bunch of pictures for a change. I had the most fun trailing this one deer. We probably watched each other for an hour or so. There would be no sport in hunting that stupid thing. I bet I could have fed it from my hand!!

We didn't get any more elk, but that's OK. There is always next year!!!

DSCN2419.JPG (119300 bytes)

These are a bunch of wild turkeys

DSCN2420.JPG (136664 bytes)

They were right in front of the house

DSCN2421.JPG (137076 bytes)

This is a shot of the hillside through some trees infested with bark beetles. They are what caused the California wild fires to be so bad. Bark beetles suck.

DSCN2425.JPG (128826 bytes)

This is a shot down the hillside. Dwaine owns everything down to the meadow in the distance.

DSCN2436.JPG (110555 bytes)

The first of many pics of that stupid deer!!

DSCN2437.JPG (120167 bytes)

Here she is with a buddy

DSCN2456.JPG (110410 bytes)

Can you spot the deer in this picture?

DSCN2442.JPG (135305 bytes)

This is the mountain across the highway

DSCN2473.JPG (118686 bytes)

Here that deer is again...

DSCN2479.JPG (133773 bytes)

This is one of his neighbors places. I liked the house.

DSCN2480.JPG (137868 bytes)

More shots of the surrounding mountains

DSCN2482.JPG (137501 bytes)


DSCN2489.JPG (140859 bytes)

This was taken on the way back from Alamagordo. A stream runs through the bottom

DSCN2492.JPG (131221 bytes)

I just liked this picture of the tunnel going through the mountain

DSCN2496.JPG (102552 bytes)DSCN2497.JPG (89765 bytes) DSCN2501.JPG (100745 bytes)DSCN2500.JPG (103487 bytes) DSCN2498.JPG (114297 bytes)DSCN2499.JPG (112972 bytes) DSCN2505.JPG (118259 bytes)DSCN2503.JPG (110972 bytes) DSCN2504.JPG (118527 bytes)DSCN2506.JPG (110848 bytes)
These were all shots of sunrise the day we left.

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