So one morning we wake up to a crash from upstairs. Come to find out George fell out of bed, sleeping bag and all. Ray and Gene decided he needed a crib so he didn't hurt himself.

Dwaine, Ray and George dragging that big cow up into the tree.

Another shot of Dwaine and Ray.

Dead Eye Ray. I swear, we are never going to hear the end of all his lucky gawd-damned shots!!

Dwaine striking a pose.

Dwaine playing with the nipples of the elk. Now he says we put him up to this picture, but we say he secretly liked it...

The merry band of hunters. From left Ray and Dwaine standing, George and Gene kneeling, Jack standing and Scott kneeling... and me taking the picture...

The kills for the year... that's Jack in the background at right.

Another shot...

Gene striking a pose.

Remember the deer from last year? Well, they are still stupid.



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