Where to begin with Washington D.C.? I was sent to D.C. by my employer, BMC Software, to work on a customer issue. I flew in on a Thursday and decided that it would be nice to stay over until Monday and have Norma fly in to spend the weekend. I had never been to D.C. before, and the first thing that I noticed about it is the roads, and how poorly laid out they are. Living in Texas, I am used to things like feeder roads and frequent exits and turn arounds. I never understood people who would suddenly veer over to keep from missing an exit, as they could take the next exit in a 1/2 mile or so and just turn around without killing someone. After being in the D.C. region, I now know why. These people are yankees and they are used to having to get over because the next opportunity to turn around may well be 15-20 miles down the road. Another thing that was really cool was the use of subways. We don't have them in Texas, and it was kind of cool that we could get anywhere we wanted with a subway and a little bit of walking. 


The scenery in D.C. is awesome however. I was there in May (I think it was May) and it was a little warm. They claimed it was a heat wave, but it was only 85 or so. We stayed in the Crystal City Marriott and got to check out the underground tunnel system and mall there. It is kind of like the tunnel system under downtown Houston, however I think it is larger. We decided to try to see as much as we could in one weekend, however we quickly learned that a weekend is just not enough time to see D.C. and do it justice. I would like to go back sometime and take a week to see it all at a more leisurely pace. By the time Sunday night rolled around we were both exhausted.


One of the coolest things about D.C. is the architecture. You see it on TV, but until you see it in person, you just don't appreciate how massive and regal many of the buildings are. The scale of these buildings is so large that it actually kind of messes with your mind making you think things are closer than they are. In many ways this contributed to our exhaustion as we decided to walk to places that were "right over there" only to find that the distance we had to cover was much, much further than we thought. I think that every American should see our Capitol at least once in their lives.


Anyway, without further ado, enjoy the pictures.

Arlington National Cemetery The Capitol Korean War Memorial Lincoln Memorial USMC Memorial Washington Monument Smithsonian Vietnam War Memorial The Whitehouse