The first thing to realize about the Lincoln Memorial is it's size. The thing is absolutely HUGE. In fact, when we saw it from the Washington Monument and decided to walk to it, I figured it couldn't have been that far away because it looked so close... boy was I wrong. By the time we got there Norma was tired and pissed :-). I still say it was worth the walk though. The interior, and in truth the whole memorial reminds me of an old Greek temple, but then it was designed that way. Above the statue it says the following: "In this Temple, as in the hearts of the people, for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever". Indeed, we as Americans will be forever in his debt for holding the Union together.

DSCN1617.JPG (144312 bytes)

There it is... it seemed so close...

DSCN1631.JPG (121648 bytes)

A close up.. again, it seems like it isn't that large, until you look at the the size of the people

DSCN1634.JPG (125291 bytes)

Likewise, I always thought that this was roughly human sized.

DSCN1635.JPG (126686 bytes)

A better shot of the statue.

DSCN1633.JPG (136627 bytes)

Now that you see the people in the picutre, you realize how large the statue is.

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