I was one of those people who thought that the Smithsonian was a museum. Little did I know, the Smithsonian is actually something like 16 museums all over the D.C. area (though most seem to be off the National Mall). We only saw 3 or 4 of the museums, and when I go back to D.C. I am going to make a point of seeing all of them.

DSCN1442.JPG (112498 bytes)

DSCN1447.JPG (119650 bytes)

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DSCN1459.JPG (118652 bytes)

DSCN1465.JPG (130639 bytes)

DSCN1502.JPG (124617 bytes)

This Samurai Armour was pretty cool...

DSCN1503.JPG (120777 bytes)

I think it was given to Teddy Roosevelt, if I remember correctly.

DSCN1506.JPG (128241 bytes)

This was just a cool display.

DSCN1507.JPG (115360 bytes)

Here is another shot.

DSCN1508.JPG (107168 bytes)

Look at that emerald.

DSCN1510.JPG (117331 bytes)

I see... some tubby old lady upside down...

DSCN1512.JPG (119718 bytes)

Another emerald...

DSCN1513.JPG (110821 bytes)

This is a fullsize of that same emerald.

DSCN1516.JPG (140330 bytes)

Jade, and lots of it...

DSCN1519.JPG (119557 bytes)

Big Sapphire here...

DSCN1520.JPG (118823 bytes)

Cool crown with jade I think

DSCN1526.JPG (112110 bytes)

Diamonds everywhere...

DSCN1527.JPG (118665 bytes)

The Hope Diamond.

DSCN1529.JPG (121556 bytes)

I must confess I thought that there were plenty of other diamonds that were nicer than this one.

DSCN1530.JPG (126818 bytes)

Plus, the crowd around it sucked... took me 5 minutes of standing around just to get these pictures.




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