The Vietnam Memorial was another location with powerful imagery and emotions. Some how I managed to miss taking a good picture of the whole wall though.

DSCN1620.JPG (133475 bytes)

When you first see this statue, you wonder what they are looking at...

DSCN1621.JPG (134476 bytes)

DSCN1622.JPG (137719 bytes)

As you watch them though, you realize that they are looking at the wall...

DSCN1624.JPG (124686 bytes)

It is kind of cool, yet surreal...

DSCN1625.JPG (126935 bytes)

DSCN1626.JPG (133100 bytes)

This was a small section of the wall. It actually got to be over 15 feet tall in some sections

DSCN1627.JPG (132547 bytes)

This memorial was to the nurses in the war

DSCN1629.JPG (132569 bytes)

Supposedly, she is forever watching for the helicopter to come save the soldier

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