Here are some pictures of the Whitehouse, as well as some miscellaneous pictures from around D.C.


DSCN1587.JPG (129966 bytes)

The Whitehouse... George wouldn't come out to visit...

DSCN1589.JPG (120440 bytes)

Norma and the Whitehouse. Yes, that is a smile you see

DSCN1604.JPG (107953 bytes)

This is a shot from a field behind the Whitehouse

DSCN1605.JPG (118749 bytes)

It is another one of those huge buildings in D.C.


DSCN1477.JPG (119485 bytes)

This is the National Archives Building...

DSCN1478.JPG (119455 bytes)

We didn't go in though...

DSCN1481.JPG (121477 bytes)

DSCN1484.JPG (109550 bytes)

This is the Department of Justice where the fascist Ashcroft is (being Republican doesn't mean I like morons like him, bad call George, bad call)

DSCN1489.JPG (123717 bytes)

Ben Franklin

DSCN1490.JPG (128580 bytes)

Another shot of Franklin

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