I created this website to be used as means and method for updating folks on the issues of network security. Why? Well, it's something that is near and dear to my heart. I've written a couple of books on the subject and maintain a column at http://searchwindowssecurity.techtarget.com and I wanted to have a place to keep information that doesn't get published elsewhere.


I don't update this site as much as I would like, but I encourage you to check back periodically and review the whitepapers section to the left. If you have stumbled across this site looking for personal information, checkout the personal section of the site.


And if you are interested in any of the books I've written, I've updated the book link to list them, so you can determine if they sound like something you would be interested in reading.


Finally, if I manage to get around to it, I just might get some blogging software going on and updating the site more regularly, especially if it cuts down on me needing to update all the static HTML on the pages <g>


Anyway, look around. Make yourself comfortable. Enjoy.


I also use a number of types instant messenger software. You can check my status below: 
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