UPDATE!!! It SNOWED in Houston on Christmas Eve. Check out the pictures!!!


I never claimed to be a web guru… I am, by trade, a network dude. The site is secure as all get out, and I am routing and switching like it is no ones business, but that doesn't mean I know a dog gone thing about web page design... hence the pathetic web pages… but I’m working on it.


This site is designed, primarily, as a  mechanism to share pictures and information with my friends and family. Currently, it is pretty heavy on pictures... eventually, I want to split the site into two sections, one for friends and one for a place to put some of the networking and security stuff I have done and written (HA!!! this is now done... check out the Security Site link to the left).


Click on any of the hyperlinks to the left to check out pictures and such that I have managed to get published (thanks to Rolly for the advice on how to thumbnail stuff).


Oh, have I mentioned that I am eeeeevvvviiiilll?!?! Oh yeah. Pure evil here baby. I am 81% Evil Genius. I lie awake at night devising schemes of world domination, and I will not rest until all living souls bend to my will.

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